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A Brief Summary of 2020

2020 has been an unprecendented year, like no other we have ever experienced.  Our January and February meetings were business as usual - dealing with requests, finances and planning fundraisers for the year.
Sadly this all came to an abrupt stop in early March when the first government lockdown was imposed on us due to the virus - Covid 19.  We all felt that this was only going to last a couple of months and that we would be able to carry on as normal by the summer.
By June it became apparent that we still would not be able to meet as a committee, so meetings were held virtually via zoom.
We have continued to be busy corresponding with professionals regarding requests but we had to make a decision to cancel all fundraising events for the whole of 2020 due to the Covid restrictions.
There have obviously been concerns regarding finances as we have not been able to fund raise in 2020.  Thankfully, however, Help the Child has received some generous donations from supporters, which has meant we have been able to fund every approved request received during the year.
We hope that 2021 will be healthier, happier and more positive for all.