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How to Apply

The aim of our charity is to work closely with parents and therapists involved with children.
If a child would benefit from a particular piece of equipment and this cannot be provided by one of the statutory services (eg: social care / NHS), we will consider funding. We recommend that the child is assessed for this equipment by their therapist.
If you are a parent wishing to apply on behalf of your child, please pass this information to an appropriate health professional or social care worker.
Referrals should be made by a health professional working with the child (most commonly this will be an occupational therapist / physiotherapist / speech and language therapist) or by the children’s social care team.
Letters of referral should include the following information:
  • The child’s diagnosis or presenting condition and how this affects them (and their family) on a day-to-day basis.
  • The item of equipment requested and a detailed and costed quotation from the supplier.
  • How the item would help the child and how long it would be expected to last them.
  • Any other relevant detail you feel would support the application.
Referrals should be emailed to:

Referrals will be acknowledged, and considered at the next meeting of the Trustees.
If you need any further information on how to apply, please use the above address.