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Case Histories


Sophie is a cheerful and engaging teenager with a
busy familySophie - Help The Child life shared with her parents and two brothers  and extended family who live close by.
Sophie has cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs and is a full time wheelchair user both at home and at school. Her current wheelchair was becoming difficult to control, especially when used outdoors and was increasingly uncomfortable for her which resulted in greater anxiety when using it. As NHS wheelchair services were only able to supply a basic model, we were approached to assist with upgrades to a Puma Powerchair. These upgrades offered a tilt in space, back recline and height adjustment, allowing her ease of control to change her position within the chair and adjust its height. She is now able to join her family at the dining table for meals, and sit together with her friends at school.
Outdoors, the greater control and comfort has increased her independence and she feels secure and safe and copes confidently  with pavements and kerbs. Being able to join the family with dog walking, family trips and visits to grandparents is now so much more fun.
In Sophie's own words 'I feel more comfortable and more part of the family and I can join in with my friends'



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