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Case Histories


Harvey - Help The ChildHarvey is a bright sociable 10 year old boy, living with his parents and three younger siblings on the family farm.
Harvey has a diagnosis of Athetoid Cerebral Palsy – this means that he is unable to voluntarily control his muscle movements and is thus unable to carry out activities which require balance and fine motor control. One activity which is particularly challenging is riding a bike. He does not have the strength,  balance or  ability to control a 2-wheelerbicycle, and therefore requires a specialist alternative.
Harvey was assessed for a specialist trike with both his occupational therapist and parents, and has since been provided with a Trike with the funding from Help the Child. The Trike provides him with sufficient postural support to enable him to control it and ride about safely on the farm and within his local environment.
Harvey is now able to play with his siblings and ride with family and friends on the farm and within the local environment. Next year he plans to decorate it as a mini float and take part in Wells Carnival Parade.


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